Bitcoin Miners Rebut Claims Made By US Democratic Legislators To EPA Administrator

Recently a letter was sent to the United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) administrator Michael Regan about rectifying the insurance about BTC mining and its environmental impact. Noted by the MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, there are over 50 signers against the misconceptions in the documents. The letter was eventually signed by Democratic Representative Jared Huffman and 22 other members of Congress. 

The Democrats requested EPA to ensure that the digital asset miners always comply with the foundational environmental statutes like Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and more to prevent electronic waste and noise pollution.

The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) responds to eight points and answers them at length. According to the original letter, the BTC mining facilities pollute the communities, which is inaccurate. Bitcoin mining facilities produce no pollution whatsoever compared to what the power-generating facilities do. According to the letter, they have stated that a single Bitcoin transaction can easily power the average US household for a month,

However, BMC has replied with claims and proof of stake that bitcoin mining is less energy-intensive. However, the industry group wasn’t ready to believe it.

The letters also point out that many miners are leveraging high-performance computing with plenty of beneficial applications beyond the standard Bitcoin and digital assets. Nonetheless, the BMC had replied to most of the assumptions with different types of proof stating how bitcoin mining isn’t a necessary evil for the world.

The BMC originated from a meeting of North American Bitcoin miners and currently has about 44 advisory members. They also publish multiple reports and proof of work about the environmental impact of bitcoin mining.

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