Guide to Doing Business in Quezon City - Procedures for Applying for Liquor License

 For New Applicants of Liquor License:
1. File an application in prescribed form of Quezon City's Liquor Licensing & Regulatory Board (LLRB).
2. Present the original copy of your 2018 business permit and official receipt of payment of Permit and License Fees. A photocopy of these is also required for filing purposes of LLRB.
3. Business establishment will be subject to physical and on-site inspection by authorized LLRB inspector. A corresponding inspection report will then be submitted to the LLRB Office for processing and approval of application.
4. Upon approval of the application by the LLRB Board, an order for payment of License Fee will be given to the applicant to be presented at the Taxes & Fees Division of the Treasurer's Office for final assessment and payment of fees.
5. Upon payment, an official receipt will be given to the applicant by the Treasurer's Office. Applicant will then submit to LLRB the official receipt together with a photocopy of same for proper recording and final processing of application.
6. Completed documents will be reviewed by the assigned processor before final action of the LLRB Executive Director for submission to the Chairman, LLRB for final approval.
7. After approval, the Liquor License will be properly recorded and compiled and released to the applicant.
1.    BPLO Permit (photocopy)
2.    BPLO Official Receipt & Assessment (photocopy)
3.    Copy of SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws, if corporation
4.    Photo of front & inside of establishment (for server only)
5.    Barangay Clearance for Liquor
6.    Contract of Lease

Please note that for new business applicants, Original BPLO Permit, Official Receipt & Assessment form must be presented.

      For Renewal of Liquor License:
1. Submit application form for renewal at the LLRB Clearance Section for processing.
The application, together with supporting documents (2018 business permit and previous year's Liquor License), will be reviewed by the Processor before action is taken by the LLRB Executive Director.
2. The corresponding Order of Payment for liquor license will be issued to the applicant for payment at Taxes & Fees Division of the City Treasurer's Office.
3. Official Receipt of payment together with a photocopy of this should be submitted to LLRB for recording and final processing.
4. Prepared and processed Liquor License shall be submitted to the LLRB Executive Director for proper action and recommendation for approval by the LLRB Chairman.
5. After approval, Liquor License is ready for release to Licensee.
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