Quezon City is governed by a mayor and vice mayor elected to three-year terms. The mayor is the chief executive, while the vice mayor heads a legislative council consisting of 38 (two are ex-officio) members, also elected by popular vote. The incumbent executives are Mayor Herbert M. Bautista and Vice Mayor Josefina G. Belmonte.

Quezon City is divided into 142 barangays (the smallest local government units) which handle governance in a much smaller area. These barangays are grouped into six congressional districts where each district is represented by a congressman in the country's House of Representatives.

The Congressional representatives of the city are:
District 1: Congressman Vincent “Bingbong” Crisologo
District 2: Congressman Winston Castelo
District 3: Congressman Jorge “Bolet” Banal, Jr.
District 4: Congressman Feliciano Belmonte, Jr.
District 5: Congressman Alfred Vargas
District 6: Congressman Jose Christopher Belmonte
The Councilors of Quezon City are:
•    District 1
Hon. Anthony Peter D. Crisologo
Hon. Elizabeth A. Delarmente
Hon. Oliviere T. Belmonte
Hon. Lena Marie P. Juico
Hon. Victor V. Ferrer, Jr.
Hon. Alexis R. Herrera
•    District 2
Hon. Precious Hipolito-Castelo
Hon. Voltaire Liban III
Hon. Roderick M. Paulate
Hon. Ranulfo Z. Ludovica
Hon. Ramon P. Medalla
Hon. Estrella C. Valmocina
•    District 3
Hon. Allan Benedict S. Reyes
Hon. Gian Carlo G. Sotto
Hon. Franz S. Pumaren
Hon. Eufemio C. Lagumbay
Hon. Jose Mario S. de Leon
Hon. Kate Abigael G. Coseteng
•    District 4
Hon. Marvin C. Rillo
Hon. Raquel S. Malañgen
Hon. Irene R. Belmonte
Hon. Ivy Xenia L. Lagman
Hon. Maria Aurora C. Suntay
Hon. Hero Clarence M. Bautista
•    District 5
Hon. Jose A. Visaya
Hon. Julienne Allyson Rae V. Medalla
Hon. Godofredo T. Liban II
Hon. Andres Jose G. Yllana, Jr.
Hon. Allan Butch T. Francisco
Hon. Karl Edgar C. Castelo
•    District 6
Hon. Eric Rey Z. Medina
Hon. Diorella Maria G. Sotto
Hon. Marivic Co-Pilar     
Hon. Rogelio Juan
Hon. Melencio T. Castelo, Jr.
Hon. Donato C. Matias
Hon Ricardo D. Corpuz

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