Revised QC Comprehensive Land Use Plan and New QC Zoning Ordinance

New Zoning OrdinanceOrdinance No. SP 2200, S-2013 - THE REVISED QUEZON CITY COMPREHENSIVE ZONING ORDINANCE (SERIES OF 2013) the principal instrument or tool that shall implement the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP).

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) is the long term framework plan that defines the desired physical pattern of growth of a locality. A revised CLUP for the city was recently adopted thru Ordinance No. SP 2069 s-2011 (enacted June 13, 2011) in view of various significant transformation that have taken place in terms of the pattern, direction and intensity in its physical environment. The features of this revised CLUP (2010 Edition) is briefly described as follows:

→ It adheres to applicable national & regional policies as embodied in the:

› National Framework for Physical Planning (NFPP)

› National Urban Development & Housing Framework (NUDHF)

› Metro Manila Physical & Development Framework (MMPDF)

› Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Plan (DDRHP)

› Republic Act No. 9729 (An Act Mainstreaming Climate Change into government policy formulations)


→ It adapts the spatial strategy in the current CLUP, viz, Multiple Growth Strategy. Unlike the existing CLUP, this 2010 Edition puts more details, as follows:

› More than identifying the growth centers, it delineated boundaries of each center. This distinction further allows focused and targeted policy interventions.

› The 2010 edition delineates five (5) growth centers:

1. CBD - Knowledge Community District
2. Cubao Growth Center
3. NGC - Batasan Growth Center
4. Novaliches - Lagro Growth Area
5. Balintawak - Munoz Growth Center

 › The interstitial or non - growth areas are further classified into 3 types

1. Mature Areas (Mature, stable residential areas)
2. Blighted Areas (Blighted residential / industrial districts)
3. Transitional Areas (Hard-to-access, inadequately served & underdeveloped areas

→ It operationalizes the vision for the City as contained in the Comprehensive Development Plan

QC is set to assume a major role as

  • The Green Lung of Metro Manila;
  • The Knowledge Inudstry Capital of the Philippines; &
  • The Health & Wellness Center in Asia



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