Guide to Doing Business in Quezon City - Requirements for Business Retirement


1.    Duly accomplished retirement application form with Location Map (3 pages/set; originally signed by the Owner/President or Vice President)
2.    Tax Bill & Official Receipts (3 years) (original)
3.    Latest Business Permit (original)
a.    If single proprietorship, original Affidavit of closure with exact date of closure
b.    If partnership, original partnership dissolution with exact effectivity date of closure signed by all partners
c.    If corporation, Original Secretary’s certificate or Board Resolution on closure or transfer of business with exact date of closure

4.    Valid ID
a.    If single proprietorship, ID of the owner
b.    If partnership, all IDs of partners are required
c.    If corporation, ID of President (original must be presented & photocopy to be submitted) and authorization letter from the owner and valid ID of the authorized representative
5.    Barangay Certificate with Exact Effectivity Date of Closure
6.    BIR Certificate of Registration (original must be presented & photocopy to be submitted)
7.    Certified Breakdown of Sales, if there are two or more line of business/branches & if AFS is consolidated (original)
8.    Proof of business tax payment/tax bill/permit issued by the other LGU where other operations are situated (original must be presented & photocopy to be submitted)
9.    Latest ITR with AFS on or before closure from the last payment of business operation for years 20___ to 20___ (original must be presented & photocopy to be submitted)
10.    VAT Returns or Percentage Tax Returns 201___ (original must be presented & photocopy to be submitted)
11.    Book of Accounts (to be presented upon evaluation/actual inspection and examination)

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