Guide to Doing Business in Quezon City - Renewal of Business Permits


STEP 1:  Pay your BUSINESS TAX due for 2018

Quezon City Hall Taxpayers’ Lounge

STEP 2:  Go to Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) and submit the following documents for evaluation:

    2017 Business Permit
    Official receipt of business tax paid
    2017 Barangay clearance, Updated clearances and permits
    Valid  Locational Clearance, Valid Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC)

Bring original and  1 photocopy of all these documents

STEP 3:  Get claim stub which indicates “pickup date” for the renewed permit

STEP 4:  On pick up date, go to BOSS and pick up 2018 Business Permit, plate and sticker


 Your business permit will be revoked or automatically lapse if your permits and clearances expire and are not renewed on or before their respective expiration dates.
Fire Safety Inspection Certificates have a 365-day validity period.
Locational Clearances have a one-year validity period from date of issuance, if conditional; they have a 3-year validity period from date of issuance, if location is permissible Liquor Permits all expire on end of calendar year, December 31, 2017.
Sanitary Permits and Health Certificates all expire on end of calendar year, December 31, 2017; but may be processed for renewal within the first quarter (January to March) 2018 for CY 2018.
Tourism Registration for tourism establishments is renewed every calendar year; fees are computed as part of assessment of business taxes.

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