How to apply for a building permit

Those applying for construction permits and occupancy for structures with maximum floor area of not more than 1,500 sqm., may apply at the Construction Permit One Stop Shop at the 14th floor, Quezon City Hall Main Building, for express process of permitting (see One Stop Shop for Building Permits in this website)

Developers/contractors of bigger structures are advised to proceed to the Department of Building Official located at the 9th floor of the Quezon City Hall High Rise Building. The office is open from Monday to Friday at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on official holidays, without noon breaks.

From the Information Window, the necessary application forms are available together with a checklist of all requirements for application. It is best to prepare the documents stated on the checklist for an on-time release of the permit, that is 15 days after the application's submission.

After correctly filling out the application form, it should be presented to any of the Receiving Windows together with the complete requirements. However, those who are applying for a Green Building Permit should submit their duly accomplished application form with all the mandatory requirements at the Green Lane (Window 6).  Senior citizens, persons with disability, and pregnant women, have a Courtesy Lane at Window 5.

The documents would then be evaluated to make sure that they are complete and no information was missed. This process would require the applicant to wait for their queue number, released from Window 3, to be called. Be advised that numbers are only called once and will not be called again, hence it is important to stand by so as not to miss your turn.

When your number is called, you may proceed to the designated window. Those that have complete documents and a properly filled out application form will be given an acknowledgment receipt. Incomplete documents, on the other hand, will be given back for completion.

Application status may be followed up through the office's landline phone number (444-7272 local 8907) or through SMS-texting (mobile numbers and format written on the acknowledgment receipt).

How to follow up your application

After 10 working days, the application may be pursued at the office where a queue number is given at Window 3.
When the number is called, applicants must proceed to Window 1 (Public Assistance and Complaints Desk) where the acknowledgment receipt is to be presented. The information staff will inform you:

(a) If you can already pay the corresponding fees:
    To do this, you must first acquire the Order of Payment from Window 9 before paying at the Cashier located at the City Treasurer's Office, ground floor, Annex Building. It is important to get the official receipt after the payment has been made as it will be asked at Window 9 of the Department of Building Official where it would be validated. The applicant should wait for the validation. Once validated, the permit is ready to be released in five working days.

b)     If your documents are for compliance:
        Proceed to Window 7 to claim all documents from the releasing staff. You may take them for consultation with your engineers/architects on record for the necessary corrections stated on the evaluation sheet. After which, returned documents may be submitted back at Window 7. You will be given a number, called back and advised on the next steps.

n the case of documents for compliance:  Once your corrected/completed documents are Officially Acknowledged, you may acquire a number at Window 3, and wait to be called back at the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (Window 1).
However, for those applying for a Green Building Permit and following procedures for compliance, once documents are corrected/completed, they should be forwarded to Window 1 with a necessary letter-request for re-evaluation. A Design Coordination Meeting with the Local Building Official may also be requested for clarification/verification by submitting a letter-request at Window 1 where a reference number will be given. You may follow-up your request through the telephone number on your receiving copy.

How to claim released permits
15 days after application and follow up, applicants may present their validated receipt at Window 10 where a queue number will be given. Once called, Approved Permits and Approved Plans may already be claimed. If a representative is sent to claim, a notarized authorization letter is required.

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