What's New in the Biggest Mall in the Philippines?

SM City North EDSA has undergone several expansions, makeovers and improvements to achieve its current title of being the largest mall in the Philippines, and the third largest mall in the world in terms of leasable area (482,878 sqm) and gross floor area (425,000 sqm). The most recent and major improvements were observed in 2008-2010, when the Skygarden, the Annex, the Interior Zone, and North Link were opened to the public.



Dubbed as the shoppers' own corner of the sky, the Sky Garden opened in May 2009. It has a long, elevated curvilinear park, which offers much needed green space, not only for the mall, but also for the city as a whole. The Sky Garden's design theme is that of a nature-inspired park, with its man-made waterfalls and river. It is a venue for various events, during which, organizers may opt to put up diplays for the public along the covered walks and the Roof Garden, or hold conventions and shows in the Sky Dome. One of the Sky Garden's main attractions, the Sky Dome, is an ampitheater which is now a premier entertainment destination for concerts, shows, auditions, and other events held in the city.



The new 92,832-sqm., six-level Annex has been designed to create a one-of-a-kind shopping and entertainment environment. The eastern end of The Annex gives shoppers a unique merge of indoor and outdoor experience through its glass wall with an overlooking view of the park. The glass wall creates a grand shop front from which the atrium, its scenic lights, as well as various other retail outlets and restaurants can be seen by passers-by from outside the building. Its modern-designed interior has a curvilinear atrium, which stretches its length, and a ribbon-like atrium lined with high-end retail stores, restaurants, a Cyberzone, a game arcade, and the bowling center, creating a cutting-edge mix of shopping and entertainment. Daylight is provided through a series of circular glass cones set into the ceiling, giving the interior a light, airy feeling.



The Interior Zone, which used to be The CarPark Plaza and Cyberzone, is now a lifestyle center—a one-stop shop for affordable furniture, houseware, decor, upholstery, wallpaper, tiles, and lighting fixtures. Designed and planned by Architects EAT from Australia, the Interior Zone produces a flowing passageway where people can congregate around exhibits and displays without feeling that they are walking from one shop to another. The showroom consists of two different zones with pockets of open spaces so that it looks like a cross between a mall and a large living room.



This six- storey, mixed-use structure located between the Main Mall and Lifestyle Building (formerly the Cyberzone), was envisioned to accommodate different types of tenants with BPOs, health services like My Health and Pain & Rehab and retail stores such as Audiophile and Tire Depot. It also includes a warehouse and the SCMC Administration Office.

As part of the mall's concept of interconnectivity and accessibility, Northlink is linked by bridgeways to different parts of the complex. It makes use of curtain walls to give the feeling of openness to its users through natural lighting and open planning, complimenting that of the Interior Zone's design.

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