Manufacture of furniture from waste (upcycling)


For the Upcycling Furniture Facility: Metro Manila, generates almost a quarter of the country’s total waste generation, with 22% of these coming from Quezon City. The city’s inhabitants each generate an average of 0.66 kg. or 2,000 tons of garbage per day. The city’s ascent as an information technology capital will also lead to a rise in electronic waste, with computers and peripherals being manufactured to have shorter useful lives. This underscores the need for a facility that can reduce the waste that will end up in the dumpsite.

upcycle2Project description:
The project requires the establishment of a manufacturing facility that will use waste materials, including electronic waste, to produce modern, fashionable furniture pieces and home building materials. It promotes the development of durable products out of waste, not temporarily recycled consumables that will end up soon in the landfill just the same.

Inspirations are:

The ‘N+ew’ solution from Chilean Rodrigo Alonso who makes resin and aluminum-based furniture from e-wastes, including circuit boards, multi-colored wires, computer components, QWERTY keyboards, and even scratched CDs. He dumps these materials into a large cubic mold which is then filled with a clear epoxy resin and melted recycled aluminum to bind everything together.

Of the Upcycle manufacturing facility