Guide to Doing Business in Quezon City - Renewal of Business Permits


Step 1

Pay your Taxes and fees at the City Treasurer's Cashier, Ground Floor, Annex Building, Taxpayers' Lounge.

Step 2

Go to the basement of Civic Center, Building A (Business Permits and Licensing Office). Submit the following documents for evaluation per District

Original copy of 2011 Business Permit (if not available, bring certified photocopy)

Photocopy of machine-validated 2012 Official Receipt

Original copy of 2012 Barangay clearance

Other documents that may be required by the evaluator, such as :

Locational clearance

Fire Safety and Inspection Certificate

Health Certificate

Cultural Tourism Affairs office (CTAO) certificate, for tourism-oriented establishments

Photocopies of all the above documents which will be stamped "original copy presented"

Step 3

After completing Step 2, the business permit renewal applicant will receive a claim stub indicating the pick-up date.

Step 4

On the specified pick-up date, the business permit renewal applicant shows his/her claim stub & will receive his/ her renewed business permit, plates and stickers for 2012

SPECIAL LANES HAVE BEEN SET UP FOR SENIOR CITIZENS, PHYSICALLY DISABLED AND BUSINESS OWNERS WHO ARE PROCESSING THE RENEWAL THEMSELVES. Business permits of senior citizens and physically disabled persons which have not been processed within 2 hours would be delivered to their residences. Proceed directly to the ground floor, Civic Center Building A,

Counter 5 & 6

Releasing of renewed Business Permit will be at BPLO, Ground floor, counter 1 to 4 of Civic Center Building A.

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