QC Govt Launches e-Payment Project for Barangays of District 3


The Quezon City Government launched BIZTECH @ D3, an electronic payment scheme for barangays on August 23 at the multi-purpose hall of Barangay Ugong Norte.

Mayor Herbert M. Bautista said that BIZTECH @ D3 is part of Quezon City's smart cities initiative and aligned with the city's efforts on ease of doing business. The project is done in partnership with Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc. (Mynt) and the barangays of District 3.

Rob Nazal, Public Sector head of Mynt, said it was the first time that the scan-to-pay scheme will be implemented in a barangay. He added that the launching of the project is a historic occasion for the city as Barangay Ugong Norte will be the first barangay in the country to accept mobile payments through QR in their transactions.


A Memorandum of Agreement was later signed by Barangay Ugong Norte Punong Barangay Zarina Yasmine Xenelle W. Jorge and Mynt, represented by Nazal of Mynt.

The cashless payment scheme will be piloted at Barangays Ugong Norte and Claro and later implemented in the 36 other barangays of District 3 by the end of October.


The e-payment project will enable residents to pay various barangay fees (barangay clearance, barangay ID, certificates and permits) electronically, by mobile payments using QR code. Business establishments within the barangay can later use the scheme to promote and establish the e-payment ecosystem in the barangay.

Quezon City pioneered the implementation of the mobile/ electronic system in the payment of real property taxes, business taxes and the issuance of electronic receipts in 2015.

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