Quezon City, Most Competitive City in the Philippines for Second Consecutive Year

qccompetitivenessawardthumbQuezon City once again received recognition as the most competitive city in the country for the second time, besting all other highly urbanized cities, during the 5th Regional Competitiveness Summit and Awards, held at the Philippine International Convention Center, on August 16, 2017.

Aside from this, QC also copped other awards in the Highly Urbanized City category, among them:  
•    Most Competitive City in Infrastructure
•    2nd Most Competitive City in Government Efficiency
•    2nd Most Competitive City in Resiliency
•    2nd Most Competitive City in Economic Dynamism

It was the only highly urbanized city that ranked consistently within the top 2 of all categories.


The National Competitive Council (NCC) initiated the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) awards to gauge an LGU’s competitiveness. This also gave LGUs an opportunity to better understand their performance against global standards and enable them to transform and make well-informed decisions towards becoming more competitive and efficient.

Traditionally, CMCI measures LGU’s competitiveness based on the three pillars: Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, and Infrastructure.  This year, the pillar on Resiliency was added, given that a city’s ability to mitigate disaster risk and its preparedness to recover from calamities is also a key factor in its ability to compete.

The increasing coverage of the index signified a higher level of interest and awareness on the importance of being measured based on these pillars and a stronger commitment to improve LGU performance based on the resulting ranking.  According to NCC, more than 1,389 LGUs participated in this year’s initiative, 144 of which are cities and 1,245 are municipalities. This equals to about 85% of total LGUs in the Philippines.

LGUs are considered by the NCC as the building blocks of national competitiveness, hence it pushed for the creation of RCCs (regional competitiveness council). The RCCs monitor and evaluate local competitiveness indicators, help create programs to boost competitiveness, and conduct promotion activities to attract investors that will create jobs. This effort is seen as important in raising the country’s attractiveness, making it the favored destination of investors..

LGUs receive awards in four categories: 3rd to 6th Class Municipalities, 1st to 2nd Class Municipalities, Component Cities, and Highly Urbanized Cities. In addition, an award for the Most Competitive Province and Most Improved City and Municipality was conferred.

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