The Quezon City Commitment to Action

qccommitment2actionpicthumbMayors and other city officials from 24 countries signed the Quezon City Commitment to Action, the major output of the 3rd Global Mayoral Forum.

This document, along with the Barcelona Call to Action, signed in 2014, and the Quito Outcome Document, signed in 2015, supported by other international and regional agreements, serve as guiding principles for local and regional authorities to continue advancing the rights, protection and empowerment of migrants, their families and organizations.

qccommitment2actionpic01The Commitment to Action is a declaration of city leaders that they shall make the annual Global Mayoral Forum a productive, dynamic, open and beneficial process of dialogue, networking, and platform for learning, sharing and collaboration between and among development actors together with national governments, international organizations, civil society and migrant groups.

It also recognizes migrants and their families as agents of development and social transformation, both in origin and destination countries.

Mayor Bautista and Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal took the action steps further by calling on city leaders from ASEAN countries to join the Informal Working Group of Mayors focused on ASEAN migration concerns. Mayor Bautista said, "Then we can be part of the larger Working Group that will involve all the mayors here present and others who are also affected by migration issues, to come up with guidelines of universal application.”

The working groups will help us discuss problems, challenges and solutions more extensively, and see what parallels we can draw from each of our respective experiences, perspectives and good practices. These shall be the lessons and applications that can be of value to local government units, either as areas of origin or as areas of destination for migrants, in good or bad times, in times of crises or in times of peace."

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