Quezon City now offers online registration for new businesses

onlinebizthumbThe Quezon City Government has launched its new portal, QC eServices, giving business owners a 24/7 facility to register their new corporations, partnerships, foundations and cooperatives

from anywhere they are.  The online business registration system is the first-of-its-kind service to be offered by a local government unit (LGU) in the Philippines.

The new service is part of the city’s effort to streamline services and an expansion of the city’s initiative in ease of doing business in the city.

Under the new scheme, a business owner can register his new business online by simply following these simple steps:

Go to the Quezon City Government official website, www.quezoncity.gov.ph and click the icon of “QC eServices.”

1.    REGISTER your name (owner or any authorized officer) as an online eServices user.
2.    Wait for the confirmation e-mail to activate your account. LOG IN.
3.    Click APPLY NEW BUSINESS and fill in the required fields.
4.    Attach scanned copies of all required documents such as:
      •    Barangay clearance
      •    Securities and Exchange Commission Certificate of Registration (1st page), if corporation or partnership
      •    Certificate of registration from the Cooperative Development Authority, if cooperative
      •    Evidence of authorization to use the business site:
           - Transfer certificate of title (TCT) or tax declaration (if property is owned by the applicant)
           - Contract of lease (if property is leased) (all pages)
5.    Click AGREE to this statement of responsibility.
6.    PRINT the application form so you will have a hard copy.  Do not exit.
7.    Check for blanks before you click SUBMIT.
8.    Once submitted, the application will proceed electronically to the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) and the Zoning Official, for evaluation.
9.    Wait for the email message for the update on your application


Aside from this, the Quezon City Government has also initiated a new innovation in tax payments, in partnership with the US Agency for International Development and Globe-Xchange Inc. for the GCash platform, under the “Scaling Innovations in Mobile Money” project (SIMM).

In January 2014, Quezon City officially began receiving payment for real property taxes through mobile money, enabling taxpayers to pay their tax obligations using G-cash thru the mobile money system, instead of queuing at City Hall.  Now, this convenience has been extended to business taxpayers, who can also pay their quarterly business taxes due at Quezon City Hall, using by their mobile phones.  Being finalized for agreements are the systems for online payments and payments using credit cards, making it so much easier for taxpayers in Quezon City.

These innovations complement the governance reforms being implemented by the city government to make transactions with the city government more constituent-friendly.

These continuing innovations are expected to improve transparency, reduce potential leakage of government funds, as well as make a 24-hour tax and fee payment operations possible.

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