Use Your Mobile Phone to Pay Real Property Taxes in QC and Get Electronic Receipts

gcashpaymentrptYou can pay your real property taxes in Quezon City using your mobile phone, anytime day or night, seven days a week, from anywhere you are in the Philippines. Even your receipts are accessible electronically.  Quezon City government has been providing this payment convenience to real property taxpayers since January 2014. You can use the most basic cellphone to pay your taxes as long as you have a Globe or Touch Mobile ™ SIM card.  You have three options: (1)  Assessment and payment; (2) Assessment only;  (3) Payment only.

How to pay real property taxes in Quezon City using mobile money:
1.    Register to G-CASH by dialing *143# on your mobile phone, select G-CASH, register and provide required details.

Registration is a key process that activates the GCASH wallet in your Globe or TM cellphone. It is a one-time process, where you can choose to register through text or through the GCASH menu found in your SIM.  There is an option to register through text by sending the following text to 2882:
REG<space>4-digit PIN/mother's maiden name/first name/last name/address

2.    After you've registered, load your mobile wallet with GCASH. This is done via a cash-in transaction which is the process of converting your cash to GCASH at a Globe Center or at any accredited GCASH partner.  There are several ways that you can convert your cash to GCASH, and you can choose the option that is most convenient for you.
3.    Pay real property taxes using your Globe/TM SIM by dialing *137#.
4.    Select Quezon City from your list of cities.
5.    Choose Real Property Tax.
6.    Input your Tax Declaration Number (TDN).  It is the 11 alphanumeric code in your property's tax declaration number.  Capitalize where necessary, and include the dashes.  For example:  E-097-04159.
7.    Confirm your TDN for assessment.
8.    Choose which balance to pay (the options are between the current quarter balance or the year-end balance)
9.    Make sure you have enough G-cash funds to proceed with the transaction.  
10.    Enter your G-cash mobile PIN (the 4-digit PIN you entered when you registered for Gcash) and SEND.
11.    You will receive an SMS confirmation of your transaction.
12.    Access your electronic official receipt (eOR) through the Quezon City website (www.eor.quezoncity.gov.ph).  Just enter the transaction reference number which can be found in the confirmation SMS message of the successful payment.  For security purposes, the taxpayer will also be required to enter the alphanumeric Captcha, a program to distinguish human from machine input.  Upon validation from the ePayment server, the eOR will be displayed as an Adobe Portable Document (PDF) file that can be downloaded, saved or printed.  The eOR will be accessible to the taxpayer up to 45 days from the date of issuance, so please save the file.  After that period, the taxpayer will need to request for a certified true copy of the eOR from the City Treasurer.  

The project is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Quezon City Government and USAID under the Scaling Innovations in Mobile Money (SIMM) Project.  It harnesses the use of mobile phone technology to create government public service efficiencies, while also creating greater opportunities for checks and balances on the inflow and outflow of public funds to intended parties.

The new system involves the Quezon City Government's partnership with BPI Globe BanKO to provide the mobile money platform for the social transfers, and G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI) for the real property tax assessment and collection.

The guidelines for the electronic collection and disbursement schemes were provided by the Commission on Audit through COA Circular 2013-007 (“Guidelines for the use of Electronic Official Receipts (eORs) to Acknowledge Collection of Income and Other Receipts of Government”), and by the City Council through Ordinance No. 2228, series of 2013 (“…Authorizing the City Treasurer to accept as mode of payment for taxes and fees from taxpayers through the use of over-the-counter payments in accredited banks, internet banking, automated teller machines and mobile money…”), which enable Quezon City residents to pay their taxes and other fees through mobile phones. This ordinance is an amendment to two other ordinances approved in 2002 and 2006, which previously allowed payment of taxes through credit cards and bank transactions, both over the counter and online through the Internet.

The ordinance allows our city government to enter into a memorandum of agreement or understanding with accredited banks as well as all mobile money service providers, and allows the City Treasurer to accept the payments of QC taxpayers through mobile money transmission.

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