Quezon City Enacts New Zoning Ordinance

Last March 21, 2013, Mayor Herbert M. Bautista signed into law, Ordinance SP-2200, series of 2013, entitled, “The Revised Quezon City Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.” The new law aims to enhance the optimum use and allocation of land for future development needs of those who live, work and study in Quezon City.

The ordinance was approved after  extensive public consultations involving different stakeholders representing those with residential, commercial, industrial and institutional concerns in Quezon City.  Likewise, it is aligned with the policies laid out in the QC Comprehensive Land Use Plan which seeks to promote and protect the public safety, peace, convenience and general welfare of its residents.

This zoning ordinance divides the city into land use zones and specification of patterns, nature and characteristics of uses and environmental regulations. The ordinance delineates specific areas which fall within the scope of the following Growth Centers:

CBD-Knowledge Community District
       • Cubao Growth District
       • Batasan NGC Growth Center
       • Novaliches-Lagro Growth Center
       • Balintawak-Muñoz Growth Center

The ordinance defines “growth centers” as areas which have the potential of becoming “nuclei for future economic, social and political development of surrounding areas; central places that perform functions or offer services patronized by a wide-ranging clientele that extend beyond their immediate environs.”

The city's expanse necessitates the needs for a polycentric model of development, said Mayor Bautista; hence, the multiple growth nodes.  

The ordinance also set specific boundaries for low to high-density residential areas; minor, major and metropolitan commercial zones; low and medium-density industrial zones; as well as zones for the following uses:  institutional, parks and recreation, transport and utilities, special urban developments, socialized housing and cemeteries.

The ordinance also delineates “Special urban development zones (SUDZ),” which are areas governed by certain conditions and regulations to preserve and protect their distinct character or to control physical environment, to prevent traffic congestion, deterioration of services, and other services affecting the general public.

Among those designated as SUDZ are specific areas in barangay Pasong Tamo and along Katipunan Avenue.

Other key features of the ordinance include:
Providing higher density limits in residential areas, to maximize use of land
Providing for disaster risk-mitigation provisions, such as specific meters of easement on both sides of fault line;
Allowing for home occupation, home industries and convenience stores in Residential Zones, subject to certain conditions
Conversion of certain institutional areas into commercial zones.

The full text of the ordinance can be found in the website of the Quezon city Council (quezoncitycouncil.ph) and in quezoncity.business.com  


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