Quezon City's Well-known Commercial Areas Top Real Property Tax Take

qclocgovtThe Quezon City Government recorded gross revenue collections of Php 13.69 billion for 2012, which is Php 1 billion higher than its 2011 yearend collections of Php 12.69 billion.  Real property collections totaled Php 3.47 billion, which is Php 214 million higher than the previous year's Php 3.25 billion. 

Business tax collections reached Php 5.12 billion, which represents an improvement of Php 555 million over the previous year's collection for this tax.  Business taxes account for the bulk or 37% of the tax take of the city.

The barangay share of the real property taxes was Php 626 million in 2012, which was Php 21 million higher than 2011's Php 605 million.  Quezon City's highest revenue-earning barangays are:  Socorro, which covers bustling Araneta Center and the highly dense commercial areas of Cubao; Bagumbayan which hosts cyber-city, Eastwood; South Triangle, which is the restaurant and broadcast hub of the city; Ugong Norte which is the site of exclusive villages, Green Meadows and Corinthian Gardens, as well as Robinson's Galleria; and Sto. Cristo, which hosts the the third largest mall in the world, SM City in North EDSA.  The city's barangays have fiscal autonomy over the use of their share of real property taxes.

In 2012, the City government bidded out 399 infrastructure projects worth Php 2.12 billion.  The majority of these are 127 road and drainage improvement projects worth Php 749 million, given the need to improve the connectivity of the biggest city in Metro Manila and to provide proactive responses to reduce flood-prone areas.  On top of these were flood control projects that addressed the construction of ripraps and embankments, which consisted of 47 projects worth Php 236 million.

Public school construction and repair consisting of 78 projects, obtained the second biggest share of funding at Php 490 million, given the need to address education facilities needs of the half a million students enrolled in these schools.  Daycare construction and repair needs were also addressed with a funding of Php 46.81 million.  The construction of 14 new health centers and the repair of six were also addressed last year, with a budget allocation of Php 81.68 million.  The City has about 420,000 children enrolled in QC's 95 elementary and 45 public schools.  The LGU also subsidizes the operations of 276 daycare centers where 21,272 toddlers are enrolled.

The City Government's socialized tax collections are funding the development of socialized housing projects for the poor, with the priority being those who have to be resettled out of danger areas.  The LGU is managing the development of nine such housing communities so far, which is expected to produce 2,714 affordable housing units.  It is  also coordinating closely with the National Housing Authority which has committed to provide another 2,000 dwelling units for Quezon City's informal settlers.

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