30 Information Technology Parks and Centers sprawl over 113.89 hectares in Quezon City

up-ayala-land-technohub2The Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA) has registered 30 information technology parks and centers in Quezon City. The biggest of these is the 38-hectare UP Science and Technology Park (North), better known as the UP-Ayala TechnoHub. These parks have 115 locators.

In terms of distribution by District, the highest number can be found in District 3, being the area occupied by the biggest cyberpark in the Philippines, Eastwood City, while District 4 provides the most expansive area, being the location of the University of the Philippines campus, which hosts two PEZA-registered IT parks.

Distribution of Information Technology Parks
by District 2012


Quezon City has the second highest concentration of Information Technology Parks in the Philippines. An IT park is a special economic zone, that has been developed into a complex, capable of providing infrastructure and other support facilities required by information technology (IT) enterprises. Locators inside the zone are entitled to a number of incentives.

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