Guide to Doing Business in Quezon City


1. Apply for a barangay clearance at the barangay where your business will be located.

2. Go to the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) at the ground floor of the Civic Center Building A, Quezon City Hall compound.

3. Bring with you the following documents:

Barangay clearance (original copy)

Business registration with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), if single proprietorship; or with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), if partnership or corporation

Contract of lease (if renting business area), title to property & tax declaration(if owner of business area)

Location plan/ site map (for the locational clearance)

For the filer, please bring your identification card. If you are not the business owner, bring an authorization letter from the owner.

4. Go to the BOSS business registration window. Be ready to provide the person at the counter with the following information:

Business type(single proprietorship? Partnership? Corporation?)

Nature of business activities

DTI or SEC number

Name of business are registered in either the DTI or SEC

Owner's address

Name of the new business's president and treasurer

Tax identification number (TIN) of the business

Name and designation of the authorized representative(if applicable)

Contact numbers

Employer's Social Security Services (SSS) number, if the business has employees

If the business place is rented: indicate sice when the place has been rented and from whom it is renting

The BOSS personnel will input the above information on computirized form and verifies from the applicant the correctness of all information. The BOSS personnel prints out the filled up form and the assesstment fee, and gives these to the appicant. The applicant signs the form and goes tio the cashier.

5. Pay at the BOSS Cashier, the assessed amount.

6. If your business is minimally regulated (offices such as lawfirms etc.), you will get your Mayor's Permit right after payment.

7. Secure within 90 days

a. Fire safety and inspection certificate (at the Quezon City Fire Department)


For BOSS applicants:

- copy of mayor's permit

- barangay clearance

For other applicants

- accomplished Business Permit application form

- barangay clearance,

- locational clearance

b. Sanitary permit (at the Quezon City Health Department)


- Official receipt of payment of sanitary fee

- Inspection report of Sanitary inspector

c. Certificate of electrical inspection (at the Department of Building Official)

d. Mechanical permit (at the Department of Building Official)

e. Other clearances or certificates required, based on the nature of business ( the Business Permits and Licensing Office will give the business registration applicant these requirements).

8. If your business is high-risk, to ensure public safety and welfare, you are required to secure the above clearances before your business can be issued a Mayor's Permit.

9. All clearances are valid for 12 months. You just need to renew them before the expiry period. You can renew your business registration provided all your clearances are still valid.

10. Remember that, under the Local Government Code of the Philippines, the business tax must be paid annually within the first 20 days of January. That is also the time within which business registration is renewed.

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